METADAC: Managing Ethico-social and Technical issues and Administration Data Access Committee

D2K and University of Bristol Members

Prof. Madeleine Murtagh, Prof. Paul Burton and Dr. Sue Ring

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From 1 May 2015 a multi-agency multi-study data access structure, the METADAC (Managing Ethico-social, Technical issues and Administration Data Access Committee), was established to service several of the UK’s major cohort studies (1958BC, 1970BC, Millennium BC and Understanding Society) and to provide a scalable mechanism to incorporate additional cohorts in the future (eg. ELSA). The METADAC will develop, implement and maintain all administrative and technical activities plus policies needed to realise an access mechanism that is fit for purpose given the complex biomedical/social data and samples in question: its primary aim to optimise the use of the scientific resources under its governance. The METADAC is committed to a streamlined, proportionate and responsive form of governance which maintains full regard to the consents and expectations of the study participants who provided the research materials. 

The METADAC will be formally launched at a date to be announced, but from 1st May aims to provide continuity of data access processes with the former committee (ACCC).  Any enquiries about new data access applications or existing applications of the ACCC or Understanding Society DAC, can in the meantime be addressed to the METADAC Secretariat, Dr. Stephanie Roberts, at the details below.

Contact and Secretariat

Dr. Stephanie Roberts
D2K Group
Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol
Oakfield House, Oakfield Grove
Bristol BS8 2BN

0117 33 14073