“UPSTREAM – Phase I”

Information for patients

Between 2014 and 2018 we conducted a multicentre randomised controlled trial (study) (“UPSTREAM – Phase I”) in 26 hospitals across England.  To recap; when referred to hospital, men with bothersome lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) are assessed with a set of standard assessments (tests). UPSTREAM set out to see whether including an extra assessment called “urodynamics” helps when considering treatment options. 

The information presented on this page was provided to men (patients) who were interested in, and/or took part in, “Phase I” of the UPSTREAM study; it includes, for example, background information about the study, why the study is important, and what was involved for men who took part, including information about the urodynamics procedure.

Please note: “UPSTREAM – Phase I” is now complete and no longer recruiting new patients. “UPSTREAM – Phase II” (the 5-year follow up study), however, is now active and we will be contacting UPSTREAM participants in due course to invite them to take part.

Information about the ongoing, longer-term (5-year) follow up study can be found here.


Participant Information Sheet (“Phase I”)

UPSTREAM Phase I Patient Information Sheet (PDF, 552kB) 

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