The UPSTREAM trial

If you are bothered by difficulty passing urine, despite initial treatment such as drugs, you may be able to take part in a research study called the UPSTREAM trial: Urodynamics for Prostate Surgery Trial; Randomised Evaluation of Assessment Methods (UPSTREAM) for diagnosis and management of bladder outlet obstruction in men

The UPSTREAM trial is comparing two assessment pathways for men who have difficulty passing urine and and are seeking further treatment, which may include the possibility of surgery.

To take part you will need to be:

  • Male
  • With bothersome difficulty passing urine
  • You may have tried treatments such as medication
  • Despite this your symptoms have persisted

Participant information


Dr Amanda Lewis
School of Social and Community Medicine
University of Bristol
Canynge Hall
39 Whatley Road

Tel: 0117 331 3907

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