Accessing the NanoESCA

Covid notice: The NanoESCA is currently open, but no users are allowed to enter the lab. Samples may still be submitted for analysis, and the experiments will be performed by NanoESCA staff. Please contact NanoESCA staff for all enquiries.

Applying to use the NanoESCA

Applications to use the NanoESCA may be submitted using the following online forms. If you are a UoB user, please use the UoB users form (you may need so sign in using single sign on). External users should use the external users form. We suggest that you discuss your proposal with the team before submission, at

Under the current rules, while NanoESCA staff perform your experiments on your behalf, it is essential that you give sufficient information on your experimental plans for the NanoESCA staff to complete your job (your application may be returned if this is not the case).

Covid rules

In order to continue operating, the NanoESCA Facility has implemented a number of measures to ensure we conduct your experiments while keeping everybody safe. These include:

  • No users are allowed in the laboratory (training of new users is also suspended)
  • No face-to-face meeting (please use to contact NanoESCA staff)
  • Sample drop-off/pick-up from boxes at NSQI reception (external samples may be mailed as normal)
  • Experiments will be performed by NanoESCA Facility staff

Form for UoB users


Form for external users

Contact us

NanoESCA Manager:
Dr. Jude Laverock
NanoESCA Director:
Prof. Neil Fox
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