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Affiliates of the Centre for Science and Philosophy

Members of the Department of Philosophy
Dr Tudor Baetu Philosophy of science, philosophy of biology
Dr Joanna Burch-Brown Environmental ethics
Dr Catrin Campbell-Moore Formal epistemology, philosophical logic
Professor Havi Carel Philosophy of medicine
Dr Kentaro Fujimoto Logic, philosophy of mathematics
Professor Leon Horsten Philosophical logic, philosophy of mathematics
Dr Jason Konek Formal epistemology
Professor James Ladyman Philosophy of science, philosophy of physics
Professor Samir Okasha Philosophy of science, philosophy of biology
Professor Richard Pettigrew Formal epistemology, philosophy of mathematics
Dr Tuomas Tahko Philosophy of science, metaphysics
Dr Karim Thébault Philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, philosophy of economics
Dr Tzuchien Tho History of philosophy of science, history of physics
Dr Lena Zuchowski Philosophy of science, chaos and dynamical systems theory 


Members of other departments
Dr Victoria Bates  Social history of medicine
Professor Yoav Ben-Shlomo  Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
Professor Ken Binmore   Economics
Professor Nello Cristianini  Engineering Mathematics
Professor Innes Cuthill  Behavioural Ecology
Professor George Davey-Smith   Epidemiology
Professor Keri Facer   Education
Professor John Foot  Cultural studies
Dr Abigail Fraser  Epidemiology
Dr Mhairi Gibson  Human behavioural anthropology
Dr Josie Gill  Literature and science
Professor Fiona Jordon  Cultural phylogenetics
Professor Stephan Lewandowsky  Experimental Psychology
Dr Ulrika Maude  Literature and technology
Dr Ros Powell  Literature and science
Professor Kate Robson-Brown  Human evolution
Dr James Thompson  Intellectual history and history of technology
Dr Maria Vaccarella  Narrative and the public trust in science
Professor Mark Viney  Nematode Biology
Professor Philip Welch  Mathematics
Dr Karoline Wiesner  Mathematics

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