The Centre for Science and Philosophy organises a wide range of events for specialists and the public.

We host some major conferences; for example in 2018 we are hosting the Annual Conference of The International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry. We also have smaller workshops and regular seminars which you can find on our online calendar. Finally, we organise events that are public engagement and impact focused, for example our recent launch event, which you can watch a video from.

To see what events are coming up, have a look at our online calendar.

You can also subscribe to this calander with the ics link. Or if you are interested in all Philosophy events you can instead have a look at the Department of Philosophy calendar which also contains all the Centre for Science and Philosophy events.

For any further questions about the calendar or events, email Catrin Campbell-Moore.

Upcoming Events

For information about upcoming events, have a look at the online calendar.

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