The programme draws together research scientists across the Population Health Sciences Institute.

SupervisorsResearch areas
Emma Anderson Life course epidemiology of dementia and cognitive decline
Angela Attwood Biological and psychological factors underlying use of social drugs
Joshua Bell Epidemiology of obesity and cardiometabolic disease
Yoav Ben- Shlomo Life course epidemiology; neurodegenerative disorders
Ashley Blom Epidemiology of joint replacement
Carolina Borges Genetic epidemiology, Mendelian randomisation, nutrition
Jack Bowden Biostatistics, Mendelian randomization, Clinical trials methodology, Meta-analysis
Doretta Caramaschi Neurodevelopmental epigenetics, neuroscience, mental health
David Carslake Statistical epidemiology, family-based studies
Hannah Christensen Infectious disease mathematical modelling
Laura Corbin Genetic Epidemiology
Esther Crawley Epidemiology of paediatric chronic fatigue
Michale Dalili Smoking cessation, public health, mental health
George Davey Smith Clinical Epidemiology
Neil Davies Statistical epidemiology, causal inference methods
Oliver Davies Statistical genetics
Frank de Vocht Environmental and occupational epidemiology
Padraig Dixon Health economics in relation to genetic epidemiology
Andrew Dowsey Statistical data science methodology and data infrastructure for integrating ‘big data’ into medical research, including omics
Hannah Elliott Epigenetics
Ben Elsworth Predicting causal mechanisms using multivariate data
Pau Erola Bioinformatics
Jonathan Evans Genetics and lifecurse epidemiology of depression
Gene Feder Primary care; intimate partner violence; cardiovascular health
Gwen Fernandes Epidemiology of internalising disorders and alcohol use
Peter Flach Data intensive computing and analytics
Abigail Fraser Reproductive health
Hannah Fraser Infectious disease mathematical modelling
Tom Gaunt Health data science, bioinformatics, molecular epidemiology
Celia Gregson Genetics and epidemiology of high bone mass, osteoarthritis and fracture
Valeriia Haberland Causal epidemiological analysis in drug discovery
Julian Hamilton- Shields Epidemiology and genetics of chronic childhood disorders such as diabetes, obesity and the development of cardio-metabolic risk
Gemma Hammerton Life course epidemiology, conduct disorder
Claire Haworth Mental health, wellbeing, behavioural genetics, social media
Philip Haycock Causal inference and epidemiological methods
Gibran Hemani Statistical genetics, epigenetics, causal inference methodology
Jon Heron Latent variable modelling, longitudinal modelling
Matthew Hickman Public health, addiction, infectious disease
Julian Higgins Statistical methods for evidence synthesis
Lindsey Hines Life course epidemiology (drug use and mental health)
Will Hollingworth Health economics, cost effectiveness of healthcare interventions
Laura Howe Lifecourse epidemiology and medical statistics
Amanda Hughes Life course epidemiology, social epidemiology
David Hughes Applied genetic epidemiology and evolutionary anthropology
Rachael Hughes Statistical methods, bias
Russ Jago Physical activity interventions in children
Laura Johnson Nutrition in lifecourse epidemiology; Genetic interactions; Metabolomics
Hannah Jones Applied genetic epidemiology
Hayley Jones

Meta-analysis, diagnostic test evaluation, Bayesian evidence synthesis e.g. to estimate prevalence

David Kessler Epidemiology of common mental health disorders
Duleka Knipe Life course risk factors in low and middle income countries
Deborah Lawlor Life course and genetic epidemiology of cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, diabetes, and reproductive health
Dan Lawson Mathematics, genetic epidemiology
Sarah Lewis Genetic and epigenetic research in relation to alcohol
Weiru Liu AI, data analytics, intelligent autonomous systems
Maria Magnus Lifecourse epidemiology
Becky Mars Mental health
Richard Martin Clinical Epidemiology
Alexandra McAleenan Evidence synthesis
Louise Millard Machine learning; bioinformatics
Harriet Mills Medical statistics
Josine Min Genetic epidemiology and bioinformatics
Paul Moran Mental health; psychiatric epidemiology; aetiology and outcomes of personality disorder and self-harm
Tim Morris Social science; social inequalities; genetics; multilevel models
Marcus MunafoĢ€ Genetic and cognitive influences on addictive behaviour
Teri-Louise North Medial statistics and epidemiology
Kate Northstone Nutritional epidemiology, life course epidemiology
Richard Parker Statistical epidemiology
Lavinia Paternoster Genetic epidemiology of atopic dermatitis and related traits
Rebecca Pearson Intergenerational transmission of depression
Ian Penton-Voak Behaviour in the context of evolutionary theory
Claire Perks The role of the IGF axis in relation to breast and prostate cancer
Dheeraj Rai Life course epidemiology of neurodevelopmental disorders
Caroline Relton Epigenetic Epidemiology
Kristen Reyher One health, veterinary epidemiology and antimicrobial resistance
Tom Richardson Genetic and epigenetic epidemiology and bioinformatics
Rebecca Richmond Causal analysis methods and molecular mediation
Matthew Ridd Common health problems in primary care (eczema).
Santi Rodriguez Genetics
Hannah Sallis Genetics of Mental Health
Eleanor Sanderson Econometrics and applied epidemiology
Diana Santos Ferreira Metabolomics
Gemma Sharp Prenatal origins of health and disease, using genetic and epigenetic approaches
Andy Skinner Use of wearable technology for capturing health related data
Evie Stergiakouli Genetic epidemiology of neurodevelopmental conditions
Jonathan Sterne Medical statistics, HIV
Matthew Suderman Epigenetics
Vanessa Tan Applied genetic epidemiology
Amy Taylor Reproductive health including IVF treatment
Caroline Taylor Lifecourse epidemiology in relation to nutrition/pregnancy and children/environment
Howard Thom Statistical modelling
Kyla Thomas Pharmacoepidemiology, public health
Kate Tilling Development and application of statistical methods for causal inference and life course epidemiology
Nicholas Timpson Genetic Epidemiology
Jon Tobias Musculoskeletal research
Katrina Turner Health services research, applied social science
Katy Turner Infectious disease mathematical and economic modelling
Peter Vickerman Infectious disease modelling
Emma Vincent Genetic epidemiology and laboratory approaches to studying the link between type II diabetes and cancer
Stephanie von Hinke Health economics, health econometrics, gene-environment interplay in the generation of health inequalities
Kaitlin Wade Nutritional epidemiology; genetic epidemiology and Mendelian randomization; microbiome research
Josephine Walker Infectious disease mathematical modelling
Nicola Wiles Psychiatric epidemiology
Ann Williams Colorectal tumour cell survival mechanisms and chemoprevention
Lucy Yardley Digital behaviour change and self-management interventions
Paul Yousefi Epigenetic epidemiology
Stanley Zammit Epidemiology of psychoses, cannabis use and schizophrenia
Jie Zheng Molecular and genetic epidemiology
Luisa Zuccolo Causal effects of prenatal alcohol; health effects of breastfeeding

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Departmental Co-Directors of Graduate Studies

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