Change in status European Documentation Centre

[28 November 2011]

The Library has recently undertaken a review of the European Documentation Centre housed in the Wills Memorial Library. For a number of years, the collection has been little used and we no longer receive many hard copy publications from the EU. Virtually all EU material is now being published online and, as we are experiencing great pressure on library space, we have begun slimming down the collection significantly, by sending some titles to our off-site Store and discarding unwanted material and material that is available online, in consultation with some members of academic staff.

As a result of this activity and as there are EDCs at Bath, Exeter and Cardiff, it has been agreed that we should no longer retain our status as an EDC or hold our EU publications in a discreet physical space. However, we will continue to maintain the European Union subject web pages, which provide links to relevant online sources, and to provide support to students and staff.