Library Undergraduate Travel Bursaries Scheme

Funds are now available to help cover travel costs for undergraduate students who wish to visit other libraries and/or archives to further their studies. The scheme is specifically for undergraduate students undertaking or about to undertake their final year dissertations or projects. This includes students in their penultimate year preparing in advance for their final year projects. A number of students have benefited from the scheme in recent years and we are pleased to be able to offer it again.

Applications for the bursaries are welcomed from students of all disciplines. Up to £250 will be available for successful candidates. Further details about the application process are available.

Removal of Off-site proxy service

The University Off-site proxy service has been used to enable authenticated access to electronic library resources, e.g., ejournals, ebooks, databases. Since November 2017 the Off-site proxy service has been deprecated and unavailable to new users and has been superseded by a new proxy service. IT Services are now planning to shut down the Off-site proxy service for all users on 28 January, 2019.

To gain authenticated off-site access to electronic library resources we recommend you use the search tools and links provided by the Library. In doing this you will be directed through the University's new proxy service (known as EZproxy) and prompted for your University of Bristol username and password.

For those that haven't already, we strongly advise you to remove the Off-site proxy service to avoid any issues when accessing electronic library resources.

If you have any questions about this change please contact the IT Services Desk, or for help and advice on accessing electronic resources, please contact the Library,

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