A standard is a publication that sets down a defined level of quality and performance for products to be measured against.

British Standards

The Queen's Building Library holds a sizeable but incomplete collection of British Standards.

  • For post-1978 British Standards, use Library Search to find out if the item is in our collection
  • For pre-1978 British Standards, you will need to browse the shelves

British Standards Online

Search British Standards Online for details of British Standards, and to access the full-text standards that the University subscribes to - approximately 4,400 standards across five modules: Testing; Energy & Heat Transfer Engineering; Electrical Engineering in General; Construction in General; and Civil Engineering.

ASTM international standards

The University also subscribes to ASTM Compass, allowing you to search international standards.

Other standards

If you would like to see a standard that is not held by the library, please use the inter-library loan service or email

You can find further information via the standards-issuing bodies listed on Wikipedia's Standards organization page.

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