Human rights law clinic

The Human Rights Implementation Centre (HRIC) offers through its Human Rights Law Clinic the unique opportunity for students to work with international, regional and national organisations engaged in the promotion and protection of human rights law.  

Founded in 2009, the Human Rights Law Clinic integrates students into the HRIC's work and helps students acquire knowledge and experience in international human rights law and practice.

Each year the HRIC appoints around seventy members to its Clinic. Being appointed a member of the clinic is a fantastic opportunity to work with the Centre.

The projects students have worked on include 'Legal Geneder Recognition'; 'Reform in the United Kingdom'; 'Assisting litigation in Libya'; 'Flag State Research'; and 'Torture prevention'. All projects are international in scope, yet also have an impact at the regional and local levels.

Students work in teams tasked with conducting comprehensive, high-quality research that meets the requirements set out by the partners in their initial project briefs. It is the role of each team leader (a student) to liaise directly with the partner organisations throughout the research and to ensure that all final outputs were of the highest quality.

By the end of the academic year, the students produce a series of high-quality reports, each of which provide partners with crucial, up-to-date research that feed directly into ongoing litigation and policy drafting, as well as informing future projects.

If you would like to learn more about the work of clinic read the news article which talks about the projects the students have been involved in and you can hear from members of the clinic.

Applying to the clinic

Clinic members are appointed in October each year, following a competitive application process. Human rights and/or international law students work with partners, which include Human Rights at Sea, Lawyers for Justice in Libya and the African Commissions Committee on the Prevention of Torture.

Applications to join the HRLC open again in October 2018. New projects will start early November.

Please note that membership of the Human Rights Law Clinic is only open to students registered in the University of Bristol Law School for an Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree. Students must have undertaken or be currently undertaking one of the following modules in Human Rights or international law:

  •  LLM:
    • LAWDM0123 International Law and Human Rights
    • LAWDM0120 European Human Rights Law
    • LAWDM0021 Individual Employment Rights
    • LAWDM0136 International Law of Labour and Social Rights
    • LAWDM0112 Migration Law and Policy - International, European, and Human Rights Dimensions
    • LAWDM0026 General Principles of International Law
    • LAWDM0135 African human rights system
    • LAWDM0089 Human Rights in Law, Politics and Society 
  • LLB:

    • Human Rights in Law Politics and Society
    • General Principles of International Law
    • International Child Law
    • British immigration, nationality and citizenship law

Eligible modules for students on a two year masters programme are the same as those for undergraduate (LLB). Those studying for a one year masters degree are only eligible to apply of they hold a previous degree with an equivalent human rights element. Each application is considered on its own merits.

Any queries about eligibility or more general queries about the clinic should be sent to 

Human Rights Law Clinic Students 2015/16
Ben Hudson, Human Rights Law Clinic Student Director

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