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General contacts

Information Security team

Contact the Information Security team about computer-related incidents, including compromised accounts and malware or other viruses.


Data Protection team

The Data Protection Officer sits within the Secretary’s Office.

Contact the Data Protection Officer to report loss or accidental disclosure of paper-based records. You can also contact them if you have questions about data protection law.


IT Service Desk

To report an urgent incident or to report an incident out-of-hours, please contact the IT Service Desk

Reporting suspected phishing

If you’re unsure of or suspicious about any email you receive to your University email address, please do not click links or reply to the message. Contact the IT Service Desk or forward the email to

Reporting stolen password or compromised account

If you think that someone else may have access to your account or you have given away your password, please:

  1. Change your password immediately.
  2. Log out of your current sessions on all your devices. 
  3. Contact the IT Service Desk, explain your account may be compromised and ask for your account to be reset

Please remember:

Reporting lost or stolen data or device

If you think University data or a University device may have been lost or stolen you must report this to the Information Security team immediately by emailing

It's critical that you report the loss or suspected loss quickly. You don't need to provide extensive details about the nature of the loss in your first report, but please provide contact details and the team will quickly contact you.

If a University device has been stolen or data has been lost on University premises, please also report this to the University's Security Services.

If you think that a loss may be covered by University insurance, please visit the Secretary Office's insurance website.