Latest journal articles and book chapters by GRC staff members

Maria Fannin and Maud Perrier, (2017), "‘Birth work’ accompaniment and PhD supervision: an alternative feminist pedagogy for the neoliberal university"Gender and Education: 1-17

Junko Yamashita, (2017), ‘A Vision for Postmaternalism: Institutionalising Fathers’ Engagement with Care’Australian Feminist Studies, (31):432-447

Audrey Reeves and Aiko Holvikivi, (2017) 'Keeping the ‘refugee crisis’ out of policy making on WPS marginalises conflict-affected women in Europe'LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security blog

Nadia Aghtaie, (2017) 'Rape within heterosexual intimate relationships in Iran: legal frameworks, cultural and structural violence'Families, Relationships and Societies

Egle Cesnulyte, (2016) ‘Gendered Agency in Constrained Circumstances: Researching Women Selling Sex in Kenya’ in Crawford G., Kruckenberg L., Loubere N., Morgan R. (eds), Undertaking Research in Global Development: Fieldwork Issues, Experiences and Reflections, Sage Publications

Egle Cesnulyte, (2016) ‘‘It comes- it goes. Yes. That’s the problem with sexual workers money’: Mombasa sex workers as economic actors’,Special issue of the series “Minorities in Africa” (Nova Collectanea Africana) on 'Economics and Minorities in Africa in the Post-Colonial Age'; University of Cagliari, Italy

Maud Perrier and Maria Fannin, (2016), "Belly Casts and Placenta Pills: Refiguring Postmaternal Entrepreneurialism"Australian Feminist Studies (31.90): 448-467

Junko Yamashita and Naoko Soma, (2016) 'The Double Responsibilities of Care in Japan: Emerging New Social Risks for Women Providing Both Childcare and Care for the Elderly', in Raymond, K.H.Chan, Zinn Jens O. and Wang Lih-Rong (eds.) 'New Life Course, Social Risks and Social Policy in East Asia', London/New York: Routledge, pp95-111 

Maud Perrier and Deborah Withers, (2016), "An archival feminist pedagogy: unlearning and objects as affective knowledge companions"Continuum (30.3): 355-366

Sarah Childs, Karen Celis and Johanna Kantola, (2016) 'Re-gendering Party Politics, An Introduction', Party Politics

Sarah Childs and Miki Caul Kittilson, (2016) ‘Feminizing Political Parties, Women’s party member organizations within European parliamentary parties', Party Politics

Sarah Childs, Karen Celis and Jennifer Curtin, (2016), ‘Specialized Parliamentary Bodies and the Quality of Women’s Substantive Representation: A Comparative Analysis of Belgium, United Kingdom and New Zealand’, Parliamentary Affairs 

Elizabeth Evans (2016) 'Diversity Matters: Intersectionality and Women's Representation in the USA and UK,' Parliamentary Affairs, advance online publication

Elizabeth Evans and Fran Amery (2016) 'Gender and Politics in the UK: Banished to the Sidelines,' European Political Science, advance online publication

Gannon, S., Kligyte, G., McLean, J., Perrier, M., Swan, E., Vanni, I., & van Rijswijk, H, (2015), "Uneven relationalities, collective biography, and sisterly affect in neoliberal universities"Feminist Formations27(3): 189-216

Esther Dermott and Tina Miller (2015) New special issue on contemporary fatherhood in Families, Relationships and Societies

Aghtaie, Nadia (2015) 'Iranian Women's Perspectives on Violence against Women in Iran and the UK,' Iranian Studies

Charsley, Katharine, and Anika Liversage (2015) 'Silenced Husbands: Muslim Marriage Migration and Masculinity,' Men and Masculinities, 5 March (online first).

Dermott, Esther, and Tina Mller (2015) 'More Than the Sum of Its Parts? Contemporary Fatherhood Policy, Practice and Disocurse,' Families, Relationships and Societies, 21 January, pp. 5-21 (online first).

Dermott, Esther, and Marco Pomati (2015) '"Good" Parenting Practices: How Important are Poverty, Education and Time Pressure?' Sociology, 29 January, pp. 1-18 (online first). 

Evans, Ellizabeth (2015) 'What Makes a (Third) Wave'? How and Why the Third Wave Narrative Works for Contemporary Feminists,' International Feminist Journal of Politics, 20 April, published online.

Terrell Carver (2014) 'Men and Masculinities in International Relations Research'Brown Journal of World Affairs, 21(1): 113-126.

Dermott, Esther, and Junko Yamashita (2014) 'Resource-Free Parenting: The Not So Curious Absence of Money in Policy Siscourses of Good Parenting in the UK and Japan,' Social Policy and Society, 13(1): 129-141.

Yamashita, Junko (2014) 'The Impact of Basic Income on the Gendered Division of Paid Care Work,' in Yannick Vanderborght and Toru Yamamori, eds., Basic Income in Japan: Prospects for a Radical Idea in a Transforming Welfare State, New York: Palgrave, pp. 117-131  

Evans, Elizabeth, and Prudence Chamberlain (2014) 'Critical Waves: Exploring Feminist Identity, Discourse and Praxis in Western Feminism,' Social Movement Studies, 7 October, published online.

Tidy, Joanna (2014) 'Gender, Dissenting Subjectivity and the Contemporary Military Peace Movement in Body of War,' International Feminist Journal of Politics, DOI: 10/1080: 14616742.2014.967128.

Dermott, Esther (2014) 'Gender and Poverty in Britain: Changes and Continuities between 1999 and 2012,' Poverty and Social Justice, 22(3): 253-269.

Childs, Sarah (2013) ‘Negotiating Gendered Institutions: Women’s Parliamentary Friendships’, Politics and Gender 9 (2): 127-51.

Childs Sarah, Elizabeth Evans and Paul Webb (2013) 'Quicker than a consultation at the hairdressers': abortion and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008, New Genetics and Society, 32(2): pp. 119-134.

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Qureshi, K., Charsley, K. A. H. & Shaw, A. (2012), ‘Marital instability among British Pakistanis: transnationality, conjugalities and Islam’, Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Dermott, E. (2012) ‘Troops to Teachers’: solving the problem of working-class masculinity in the classroom?, Critical Social Policy 32(3) pp1-19.

Soma, N., Yamashita, J., and Chan, R. (2011) ‘Comparative Framework for Care Regime Analysis in East Asia,’ Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy, 27(2): 111-21.

Yamashita, J. (2011) 'Exploring the Impact of the Japanese Long-Term Care Insurance Act on the Gendered Stratification of the Care Labour Market Through an Analysis of the Domiciliary Care Provided by Welfare Non-Profit Organisations, Social Policy and Society,10(4): 433-43.

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