The GRC promotes cross-disciplinary research on the nature and persistence of gender inequalities and critical engagement with, and contributions to, feminist scholarship, underpinning our work on gender and political institutions, (in)security, development, and IR (creating productive synergies with the GIC), and global feminist, decolonial and queer theory and politics. Our work has centred around three clusters:


  1. Gender and Political Institutions. Our work in this area interrogates the impact of institutional structures and practices on the politics of representation. Undertanding the impact of under-representation on policy outcomes provides important insights into pathways for inclusion. Our work thus revolves around the following themes: feminising political institutions;  feminist institutionalism, gender mainstreaming, gender and leadership, representation and participation.
  2. Gendered Dimension of (In)security and DevelopmentWork in this area draws on a range of innovative and participatory methodologies to examine the role of grassroots movements and organisations in advancing everyday security. Our research in this area makes an active and sustained contribution to critical approaches to security studies, politics and IR.
  3. Gendered Social ReproductionThis interdisciplinary cluster investigates issues of gender, sexuality, migration, domestic labour and sex work. Grounded in intersectional feminist theory our work examines a number the impact of social reproduction on gendering social and economic organisations.

The marginalisation of migrant men as people with affective ties and vulnerabilities... is deserving of more widespread concern and scholarly attention

Katharine Charsley
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