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Report launch: Detention, deportation and separated families

2 June 2021

New research led by Dr Melanie Griffiths whilst she was at the Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship is being launched on 8th June. The project explores the impact of the UK’s immigration system on mixed-nationality families. Researchers followed 30 couples and families to examine the ways in which their lives were affected by one member’s insecure immigration status and the threat of separation through immigration detention, removal or deportation.

Deportability and UK Families:
In-depth interviews with mixed-nationality couples were combined with interviews with practitioners and observation of deportation appeals to show how the precarious immigration status of one family member has significant and wide-ranging impact on the whole family, including British citizens and children. As a result of a parent or partner’s immigration status, British citizens find themselves also living under chronic insecurity, with the ongoing threat of either being separated or forced to leave the UK. The whole family find themselves harmed; often in extreme ways and across all aspects of their lives. People are made sicker, poorer, unhappier and disenfranchised from their citizenship. Children’s behaviour, mental health, education, financial security and feelings of Britishness and belonging are significantly affected. 
The report from this project is being launched at an online webinar at 4pm on 8th June 2021, in collaboration with the NGO Bail for Immigration Detainees and Chaired by Baroness Shami Chakrabati CBE. Speakers include Sonali Naik QC and a parent directly affected by these issues. Please register on the event page.  For more information about the project and its outputs (including blog posts, journal articles and policy briefings), please visit the project webpage.
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