Space Management

Space Management

Space Management administers the use of the non-residential estate on behalf of the University. 

Our work directly supports the University Space Policy (PDF, 28.8KB), including the drafting of spatial standards for common activities.

The main reasons that your Department might contact Space Management will be:

  • Inability to house all our activities in the existing spatial configuration
  • To plan a change of space in order to meet new teaching or research requirements
  • For reports of analysis of the space your Faculty or Division occupies
  • To provide a commentary on a new initiative pre or post CIPB (Capital Investment Programme Board) submission
  • To establish correct numbers/names of buildings
  • To request access and training to view the spatial database - CARB
  • To let us know that you are no longer using a portfolio of space.

The main reasons that Space Management may contact your Department will be:

  • To resolve a question about the usage of your existing space
  • To discuss the long term planning of your Department's spatial footprint
  • As part of a University spatial audit
  • To share reports or data that may be helpful to your planning process.

CAD drawings

For the CAD standards document, including procedures and how to access CAD drawings, please refer to the GPR.

University of Bristol CAD standards template file (Zip 271Kb) to assist in the production of drawings

Space Management is a small team with a significant portion of its time earmarked for work arising out of University core objectives.  As such, it is best to provide us with as much notice as possible of any assistance you may need, particularly if you require additional space.   Please note that we can only allocate resources for new initiatives (such as a new research group) within the envelope of resources set by the Capital Investment Programme Board (CIPB).  We can work with you to identify spatial options for inclusion in your bid to CIPB.

Space Management
1-9 Old Park Hill

Telephone: 0117 331 7517 (ext: 17517)

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm