Asset Management

Asset Management manages the University's property and landlord/tenant relationships.  We represent the University in its landlord obligations to its external tenants. 


Contact details

Asset Management
Estates Office
1-9 Old Park Hill


General enquiries:
0117 331 7300
0117 331 7301
ext: 17300 or 17301

Space occupied by NHS Trusts and space in Hospitals:

0117 331 7302 (ext: 17302)

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm

Services we provide

We are the only Department authorised by the University to enter into any property agreements.  We work with the Secretary's Office to establish suitable leases or licences, including those for spin-out companies or non-University staff working in University space.

The portfolio includes a substantial and varied freehold estate with a current value of circa £650 million, approximately 16 leasehold properties around the city (leasehold outgoing is approximately £2 million per annum) and further property arrangements with two local Hospital Trusts at a rental cost of circa £1.4 million.  We represent the University in its landlord obligations to its external tenants.

About the team

We are a small professional team handling a wide range of property management matters, including leases and licences, management of budgets for rent, service charges and property related payments, including collection of rents and service charges from external tenants.  We issue invoices at the appropriate time and ensure that any rent reviews and service charge increases under the terms of the lease or license are implemented.