Paternity Information and FAQs

Sources of Information

There are a variety of sources of information on paternity that should be able to answer most questions you may have:

There are also a number of people you can contact if you have any queries that remain unanswered or if anything needs clarification:

  • For all general queries related to paternity please contact your HR Team in the first instance
  • For all queries related to pay please contact the Payroll Team
  • For all queries related to pensions please contact the Pensions Office

Support before, during and after paternity

There are a variety of sources of support for partners during pregnancy, paternity leave and on returning to work. These include:

The Equality Act 2010

Pregnancy and Maternity is a Protected Characteristic under The Equality Act 2010 - for more information please read the Equality and Diversity Team’s Pregnancy and Maternity web page.

Please feel free to contact the Equality and Diversity Team with any queries or feedback.


Information on maternity can be found on our Maternity Information and FAQs page.