Ada Lovelace Day 2014

In celebration of Ada Lovelace Day (14th October 2014) and in recognition of women across science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM), a number of the University's Schools and Societies will be holding free events and activities on the 14th and 15th of October for students, staff and the public to get involved with.

Ada Lovelace (1815-1852) was an English mathematician who is often described as the first Computer Programmer. More information about her, and the day of international celebration, can be found via the Finding Ada website.

Come and explore the interactive stalls in the foyers of the School of Physics, School of Experimental Psychology, School of Chemistry, Merchant Venturers School of Engineering, and the School of Mathematics, to discover more about Ada Lovelace and Women in STEMM. Follow us on Twitter for more ALD news and updates #FindingAda2014.

Programme of events

Tuesday 14th October, 1pm

Bristol public lectures in Mathematics: Ada Lovelace - the first programmer.

Chemistry LT3 (Please note a venue change from Room 1.11)

Professor Philip Welch will be talking about Ada Lovelace, the first programmer, and the logic of the Analytical Engine.

No booking required.

Wednesday 15th October, 1pm-5pm

The University of Bristol Computer Sciences Society - Ada Lovelace Day

Room 1.11, Merchant Venturers Building

The University of Bristol Computer Science Society is hosting an afternoon showcasing the careers of women in computing and engineering whilst discussing the challenges women have overcome, and still face, and the future of women in engineering. There will be talks from seven speakers with a round-table discussion to conclude the event allowing all attendees to get involved. The event is free and no booking is required. See below for the timetable of the event:


What's Happening


Event Start


Welcome and aims of the event


A series of short talks from alumni / speakers


Short break (cakes and coffee etc)


Keynote Speaker


Cakes, coffee and an opportunity to network


Roundtable talk and discussion with speakers and attendees


Event Close