Protected Characteristics

As a provider of education, the University must not discriminate against an applicant or student in relation to:

  • admissions
  • the provision of education
  • access to any benefit, facility or service
  • exclusions

Both job applicants and employees are protected by the Act.  The University must not discriminate against job applicants in:

  • the arrangements they make for deciding who should be offered employment;
  • in the terms on which they offer employment; or
  • by not offering employment to the applicant.

As a provider of employment, the University must not discriminate against an employee:

  • as to the terms of employment;
  • in the way they make access to opportunities for promotion, transfer or training or for receiving any other benefit, facility or service;
  • by dismissing the employee; or
  • subjecting them to any other detriment.

Protected characteristics are the grounds upon which discrimination related to the above circumstances is unlawful.  The protected characteristics under the Equality Act are: