Bristol Doctoral College

About the team

The Bristol Doctoral College (BDC) supports and develops our thriving community of postgraduate researchers across all research degree programmes at the University of Bristol.

What we do

Our team has two key leadership roles in the University: to enhance the environment for all research students and to support the growth of our postgraduate research community.

1. Enhancing the environment for our postgraduate research students

We work with teams across the University to ensure that the postgraduate research environment is the very best it can be to enabling research students to thrive during their research degree - and beyond.

Some of our activities include:

2. Supporting the growth of our postgraduate research community

We develop initiatives to grow our thriving postgraduate research community — 3,500 students at the last count — and provide opportunities that attract the very best students from around the world to Bristol.

Our work in this area includes:

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Contact the Bristol Doctoral College

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