Below is a list of our current StaffPostdoctoral Researchers and Research Fellows and Honorary Research Fellows. You can also find details of our current PhD students and recent members of the Bristol Palaeobiology Group.


Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Fellows

  • Dr Delphine Angst: New insights into the ecology of the dodo using a multidisciplinary approach (EU Marie Curie Research Fellow)
  • Ms Rehemat Bhatia: Geochemical signatures of the biotic response to extreme climates (PDRA)
  • Dr Heather BirchPISTON: Does developmental plasticity influence speciation (PDRA)
  • Dr Chenyang Cai: Beetle phylogeny, the Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution, and the efficacy of molecular clock methods
  • Dr Hugo Dutel: Functional evolution of the skull during the evolution of lobe-finned fished and early tetrapods (NERC PDRA)
  • Dr Armin Elsler: Early tetrapod evolution: Red Queen or Court Jester? (NERC BETR PDRA)
  • Dr Roberto Feuda: The evolution of neurogenic gene regulatory networks (Royal Society URF)
  • Dr Andy Fraass: Planktic foraminifera test-size through the Neogene (Vice Chancellors Fellow)
  • Dr Liz Martin-Silverstone: The influence of mechanical loading on cranial development and function in zebra fish (BBSRC PDRA). Read Liz's blog
  • Dr Benjamin Moon: Marine reptiles of the Strawberry Bank site of exceptional preservation (Leverhulme/ NERC BETR PDRA)
  • Dr Celine Petitjean: Phylogenomics of microbial eukaryotes (NERC PDRA)
  • Dr Suman Sarkar: Cenozoic micropalaeontology (Newton International Fellow)
  • Dr Catherine Sheard: Macroevolution of mammals (ERC PDRA)
  • Dr Bruno Fonseca Simoes: Vision in snakes (EU Marie Curie-SkÅ‚odowska Research Fellow)
  • Dr Tom Stubbs: Macroevolution of tetrapod disparity (ERC PDRA)
  • Dr Danna Titelboim: Some like it hot – The effect of elevated temperatures on benthic foraminifer (Royal Society Newton Kohn International Fellow)
  • Dr Jamie Wilson: Projecting uncertainties in the marine biological pump (AXA Fellow)
  • Dr Qi Zhao: Bone histology and dinosaurian palaeobiology (Newton Advanced Research Fellow)

Honorary Research Fellows

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