Palaeobiology Research Group

The Bristol Palaeobiology Research Group explores all aspects of the history of the biosphere. From macroevolution to mass extinctions, we learn from the deep past to inform our predictions of the future.

Our research reputation

The Bristol Palaeobiology Research Group was identified in 2017 as the best palaeontology research group in the world in the first discipline-specific annual review by the Center for World University Rankings. The score is based on publication impact over the past ten years. Much of this reputation comes from the impact of our research - for example, in 2019 Phil Donoghue was named as one of the most highly cited researchers in the world.


We write all the market-leading textbooks in palaeobiology, from the basic 'history of life' texts through to advanced textbooks.


We have kept detailed records of our publications for over thirty years. Read all the details, as well as evidence for impact in terms of numbers of papers, the journals, and especially the changing numbers of citations.

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