In Geophysics you learn about the history, structure and dynamics of the Earth system and the physics that underpins these elements. You will learn how the inaccessible parts of the earth are studied using remote sensing techniques, such as seismology and geodesy, as well as through studying rocks and minerals in the field and laboratory.

Our courses

BSc Geophysics
UCAS code F661, 3 years full-time

MSci Geophysics
UCAS code F662, 4 years full-time

MSci Geophysics with Study Abroad
UCAS code F663, 4 years full-time

Detailed course structure

The course structure for the current academic year can be found by searching 'Geophysics' in the programme catalogue.

The fieldtrips are very informative and well-supervised with competent demonstrators ready to help and guide the students. It really is the best when you know that the interpreting skills you learn in the practicals actually get applied in the fieldwork.

Cindy Lim Shin Yee (BSc Geophysics)
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