Highly-rated graduates

The team-working, quantitative, applied and problem-solving skills acquired by our graduates are all rated highly by other academic institutions and by industrial and other employers.

What jobs could I do?

Every student who seeks employment on graduating from the School of Earth Sciences succeeds in doing so, whether they choose to go on to further study and remain in academia, or pursue a career in the media, finance or teaching.

Our graduates are also highly sought after by the mining, mineral exploration, geotechnical, environmental consultancy and petroleum industries.

There is always a need for geoscientists in civil engineering projects and in the water resources industry, and with the increasing awareness of the importance of the environment, geoscientists are increasingly being employed in the fields of nature conservancy, waste disposal, pollution and environmental planning.

Graduates also find jobs in the new and expanding media and education sectors, including with the BBC, independent film makers (of which there are many in Bristol), and the new hands-on science museums.

Many large-scale employers visit Bristol each year to secure significant numbers of science graduates from across the discipline; a degree from Bristol is considered ideal for a career in banking, consultancy, business and commerce.

Career guidance

Advice on careers in Earth science and further degrees is provided by tutors and individual members of staff in their particular discipline, as well as by the University's Careers Service.

A programme of careers events, organised by and within the department, welcomes back former students to talk about their jobs and about opportunities in the companies that employ them.

Many of our former students have already volunteered to participate in this scheme, and employers recognise and support this venture as an excellent way of recruiting more graduates of the same high calibre.

The course was a fantastic mix of theoretical - with technical problems and research projects - and practicals, that allowed us to directly apply our knowledge and not be enclosed by a screen...All these factors I strongly believe contributed to my current career.

Courtney Jiskoot (MSci Geology with Study Abroad)

Did you know?

Within six months of graduation, 70% of Bristol's Earth Science graduates who have chosen to go into employment are are in graduate-level jobs. (Source: Unistats)

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