Undergraduate profile: Kaelin

Why did you decide to apply for your course at Bristol?

When looking through the Earth Sciences pages, I loved reading about the research that the students and professors participate in. Realising that I had the opportunity to participate in these amazing research projects interested me because I would get a chance to experience what my career has instore for me.

What are your experiences of coming from abroad to study here?

It was scary at first but after getting to meet the amazing staff and my classmates they helped me feel right at home and have made it an experience of a lifetime.

What has been your favourite part of the course?

My favourite part about being a part of this amazing university is the memories that are made from fieldwork. Though conditions may not be the best, we all come together to help each other out and make it fun for all.

What would you say to a prospective student?

If you don’t feel one hundred per cent about your future in this field, there is nothing to be afraid of. This degree can take you in so many directions whether you wish to work with geology or hydrology. Also the experiences you make through this degree are worth it in the end.

Kaelin Holloway, MSci Environmental Geoscience

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