PGR Development Fund

The PGR Development Fund supports the organisation of events and workshops that deliver transferable skills, training or resources.

Do you have an idea for a short-term event, workshop or initiative that could benefit Bristol PGRs or local communities/organisations? 

Due to the current situation, we are encouraging applications to our PGR Development Fund that focus on online events and digital initiatives. (Funds can be used, amongst other things, to cover the costs of equipment, materials, speaker fees, use of an online service/platform for a specific periodetc) 

Each applicant can request an award of up to £500  towards any initiative that: 

  • delivers transferable skills, training or resources to Bristol PGRs,or, 

  • engages local communities.   

Applications for the 2020-21 Autumn Round of the PGR Development Fund open Friday 23 October 2020 and close at 5pm on Friday 27 November 2020.  

For more information and to apply, please visit our Sharepoint site.

You can contact Dr Elizabeth Mamali with any questions you may have about the PGR Development Fund. 

Projects supported by the 2019-20 fund

Thank you to everyone who applied for funding from the 2019-20 fund. Amongst the successful applications were the following projects: 
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis workshop

    A full-day online workshop on longitudinal data and research using statistical methods. This was open to all PGRs with a focus on social science research and the interpretation of results of published papers in this area. The workshop was recorded as a series of videos and these can be accessed by Bristol PGRs at this link.

    Funding: £500

  • Additive Manufacture Network (AMNET) Symposium 2020

    This event brought together 40 researchers who work in the field of additive manufacturing across the Science and Engineering disciplines, from the University of Bristol and beyond. The symposium included 2 keynotes and 23 short presentations as well as a hands-on showcase of research called the Table of Curiosities. Representatives from the Natural History Museum and Gen3D also attended, broadening communication channels between academic institutions, Industry and outreach communities.

    Funding: £500

    Projects supported by the 2018-19 fund

    Thank you to everyone who applied for funding from the 2018-19 fund.

    20 applications were received, with the following 7 projects successfully securing funding:

      • CQWG Workshop: Planning a conference from start to finish

        Building on the success of the recent Critically Queer Conference, which pioneered an innovative conference design focusing on inclusiveness and accessibility, this one day workshop will share novel and considerate approaches to conference organisation.

        Funding: £500

      • Being BME in STEM

        A half-day workshop focusing on the retainment of Black and Asian students within STEM subjects, exploring various ways STEM departments can improve the environment in which all students study.

        Funding: £500

      • Researchers not Robots: Effective and ethical interviewing for difficult topics

        For many researchers, conducting qualitative interviews are a crucial part of their PhD. This half-day workshop explores how researchers can ethically manage difficult and emotive interviews with participants in an empathetic way, whilst maintaining their research integrity.

        Funding: £100

      • Bring your own data: Using NVivo to analyse interviews, pictures, and video

        NVivo is an organisational tool that helps qualitative researchers organise large data sets and link the data to analyse themes. These monthly peer-led workshops enable users to apply NVivo techniques to their own data while receiving face-to-face support from colleagues who are more familiar with the programme. The monthly meet-ups will cover an introduction to the software, opportunities to apply coding techniques, and support for using NVivo on a variety of media.

        Funding: £200

      • Navigating the Landscape of Artificial Intelligence Research

        This workshop brings together researchers working on the next generation of machine learning and intelligent autonomous systems to explore where their research interests intersect, and to discuss how these systems are pushing the threshold of human-like intelligence.

        Funding: £200

      • PGR Ignite

        A fun, informal evening in which PGRs working in the social sciences will share their research in 20 slides over 5 minutes. This is a great opportunity to practice presentation skills in a fun and supportive environment, while finding out more about a range of research projects. 

        Funding: £350

Watch a case study experience

The fund presented an opportunity for us to engage with people about our research in an unorthodox way.

Taylor Aucoin (PhD in History), organiser of the ‘Merry Shrovetide' festival, 2018

Development Fund drop-in

Got a preliminary idea but not sure how to proceed? Click on this link to find out how to attend the online drop-in information session on 12 November.

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