Research without Borders festival

What will you discover at this year's festival of postgraduate research?

Free tickets are now available for Research without Borders 2018, the University of Bristol’s annual celebration of postgraduate research.

Organised by the Bristol Doctoral College, and held at various central Bristol locations between 30 April and 9 May, the festival is a unique opportunity to discover the pioneering work of University of Bristol postgraduate researchers and learn how they're tackling the challenges of the 21st century. 

See for yourself at our showcase

Our Colston Hall exhibition (Wednesday 9 May) is a chance to get inspired by hands-on, interactive exhibitions on a vast range of topics — from the latest advancements in health research, sustainability, quantum engineering and data science, to cutting-edge work related to the environment, socioeconomics and culture. Book your free ticket now on Eventbrite.

Join the debate

Organised in partnership with the University Research Institutes, the evening discussion series is an opportunity to hear lively discussions on topical issues that affect us all — and put your questions to our postgraduate researchers.

  • Taking inspiration from nature to tackle sustainability from the bottom-up (in collaboration with the Cabot Institute)
    Monday 30 April, The Station
    Four researchers will discuss their work on furthering antibiotic discovery, converting CO2 to renewable fuels, improving community participation in water management and mitigating the impact of fertilisers on local ecology. Book now on Eventbrite.

  • Living Well with the Past (in collaboration with the Brigstow Institute)
    Tuesday 1 May, Watershed
    Coming to terms with dark periods in our history has never been easy. Join us for a lively discussion that will focus on the opportunities and challenges of reconnecting with our past in the hope of building a brighter future. Book now on Eventbrite.

  • Do you know what they know? Opportunities and challenges in a data-driven world (in collaboration with the Jean Golding Institute)
    Wednesday 2 May, Bristol Energy Hub
    Knowledge is power — but who holds that knowledge and what do they know? Join us for a discussion about the challenges and opportunities that a data-rich world presents. Book now on Eventbrite.

  • Health in an unequal world (in collaboration with the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute)
    Thursday 3 May
    A discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare in today’s unequal world. It may even leave you questioning your very definition of health. Book now on Eventbrite.

Thanks to Research without Borders, we can bridge the gap between academics and the local community and learn how to provide accessible information that will bring about change.

Katiuska M Ferrer Portillo (PhD in Modern Languages), 2017 Festival participant
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