PGR Ventures Fund

Bristol Doctoral College support for PGR-led events, workshops and initiatives

Thank you again to the Ventures Fund for such a great opportunity to gain experience organising and coordinating a symposium and to meet so many great postgraduate researchers and learn about such a wide variety of projects.

Jade Boyd (PhD in Arts), part of ‘Disrupted Landscapes’, a part-funded BDC Ventures Fund symposium

The PGR Ventures Fund was launched in 2016 to encourage grassroots innovation, creativity and leadership among the University of Bristol's postgraduate researcher community.

The fund supports short-term events, workshops and initiatives that can deliver transferable skills, training or resources which benefit Bristol's PGRs.

Projects supported by the 2017–18 fund

Thank you to everyone who applied for funding from the 2017–18 PGR Ventures Fund.

We received 26 applications, and are pleased to announce that the following projects have been successful:

  • BritBats 2018
    A one-day, PGR-led multi-disciplinary conference hosted by PGR students from the Bristol Bat Lab, with a strong focus on student research, collaboration and networking.
    Funding: £450

  • Exploring the History of Pancake Day — Merry Shrovetide
    Two public engagement events organised by PGRs: a Pancake Day Workshop/Exhibition at Bristol Central Library and a ‘Battle between Shrovetide and Lent’ concert at the Church of St Thomas the Martyr.
    Funding: £500

  • International Nanoscience Student Conference
    Funding for poster and oral presentation prizes during this annual conference, which is aimed at students who have completed at least two years of study in a nanoscience or nanotechnology-related university programme.
    Funding: £500

  • Kickstart Course on Rapid Prototyping
    A half-day practical 3D printing course for 12 PGRs that will be particularly relevant for students starting in new disciplines, such as those in Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs).
    Funding: £250

  • Qualitative (Multimodal) Data Analysis
    A two-day workshop to support 20 PGRs from any discipline with tools to analyse qualitative data.
    Funding: £500

  • Seven by Seven
    A presentation series where seven PGR students from across all disciplines are given seven minutes to present an overview of their research and its importance using seven slides — and before 7pm.
    Funding: £480

  • What makes a good mixed methods PhD thesis?
    A free, one-day interactive training course on mixed methods for PhD students.
    Funding: £250

2018–19 fund

Information on the 2018–19 fund and application process will be made available later in the year.

If you have any questions about the PGR Ventures Fund in the meantime, please contact Anja Dalton in the Bristol Doctoral College.

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