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** Please refer to the Procurement news section of the staff intranet for latest updates on delivery or supply issues.**

Information for staff

 Quick tips for staff

  • Check to see if there are any exisitng suppliers before getting quotes from new suppliers.  MyERP and the How to Buy... guides will help you.
  • Make sure you know when to contact Procurement.  The Finance Regulations, and Procurement Policy, state that for any purchasing activity over £25,000 (aggregated over 4 years) Procurement need to be involved.**
  • Raise a purchase order in advance of agreeing to any work from a supplier.
  • Make sure you include delivery and duty charges in your order. 
    • Incoterms are an international set of rules for shipping.  Ordering goods "DDP" from a supplier will mean you order will be Delivered Duty Paid.  Anything that isn't DDP will mean that you are responsible for any customs and duty / tax charges, potentially leading to shipments getting delayed and additional costs for the University being incurred. 
    • You may also be responsbile for delivery to the University, so damage in transit might not be the supplier's fault.
  • If you have a Corporate Credit Card, make sure you are familiar with the University policy for its use.  
  • Refer to the staff intranet for any further Procurement information, including our How to Buy... guides, policies and Procurement news.  

Please do contact any of the Procurement team or email with any queries.


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