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2021 publications

CDT student author(s) shown in bold.

  • S.W. Grey, F. Scarpa, M. Schenk, Embedded actuation for shape-adaptive origami, Journal of Mechanical Design, Volume 143, Issue 8, August 2021, 081703 (

  • M. Chen, B. Zhang, S. Friedemann, G. Allegri, S. R. Hallett, Effects of ferromagnetic & carbon-fibre Z-Pins on the magnetic properties of composites, Composites Science and Technology, Volume 207, 3 May 2021, 108749 (

  • J.P. Stacey, M.P. O’Donnell, C.J. Kim, M. Schenk,From shear centre to eigenwrenches, Thin-Walled Structures, Volume 161, April 2021, 107478 (

  • R.L. Lincoln, P.M. Weaver, A. Pirrera, R.M.J. Groh, Imperfection-insensitive continuous tow-sheared cylinders, Composite Structures, Volume 260, 15 March 2021, 113445 (

  • J. Selvaraj, S. Mukhopadhyay, L.F. Kawashita, S.R. Hallett, Modelling delaminations using adaptive cohesive segments with rotations in dynamic explicit analysis, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Volume 245, 15 March 2021, 107571 (

  • N. Fedon, P. M. Weaver, A. Pirrera, T. Macquart, A repair algorithm for composite laminates to satisfy lay-up design guidelines, Composite Structures, Volume 259, 1 March 2021, 113448 (

  • N. Fedon, P. M. Weaver, A. Pirrera, T. Macquart, A method using beam search to design the lay-ups of composite laminates with many plies, Composites Part C: Open Access, Volume 4, March 2021, 100072 (

  • A. Fitzgerald, W. Proud, A. Kandemir, R.J. Murphy, D.A. Jesson, R.S. Trask, I. Hamerton, M.L. Longana, A life cycle engineering perspective on biocomposites as a solution for a sustainable recovery, Sustainability, Volume 13, Issue 3, February 2021, 1160 (

  • C. de Kergariou, A. Le Duigou, V. Popineau, V. Gager, A. Kervoelen, A. Perriman, H. Saidani-Scott, G. Allegri, T. Halak Panzera, F. Scarpa, Measure of porosity in flax fibres reinforced polylactic acid biocomposites, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Volume 141, February 2021, 106183 (

  • N. Krajangsawasdi, L.G. Blok, I. Hamerton, M.L. Longana, B.K.S. Woods, D.S. Ivanov, Fused deposition modelling of fibre reinforced polymer composites: a parametric review, Journal of Composites Science, Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2021, 29 (

  • C. Paraskevoulakos, J.P. Forna-Kreutzer, K.R. Hallam, C.P. Jones, T.B. Scott, C. Gausse, D.J. Bailey, C.A. Simpson, D. Liu, C. Reinhard, C.L. Corkhill, M. Mostafavi, Investigating the microstructure and mechanical behaviour of simulant “lava-like” fuel containing materials from the Chernobyl reactor unit 4 meltdown, Materials & Design, Volume 201, 2021, 109502 (

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2020 publications

CDT student author(s) shown in bold.

  • C.J. Hunt, Y. Zhao, M.R. Wisnom, B.K.S. Woods, WrapToR composite truss structures: Measurement and modelling of mechanical response, Composite Structures, Volume 254, December 2020, 112834 (

  • A.E. Rivero, P.M. Weaver, J.E. Cooper, B.K.S. Woods, Structural modeling of compliance-based camber morphing structures under transverse shear loading, AIAA Journal, Volume 58, Number 11, November 2020, pp. 4941-4951 (

  • T. Gordon, X. Xu, M.R. Wisnom, B.C. Kim, Novel tape termination method for automated fibre placement: Cutting characteristics and delamination suppression, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Volume 137, October 2020, 106023 (

  • S.W. Grey, F. Scarpa, M. Schenk, Mechanics of paper-folded origami: A cautionary tale, Mechanics Research Communications, Volume 107, July 2020, 103540 (

  • Y. Wang, M.K. Chea, J.P.H. Belnoue, J. Kratz, D.S. Ivanov, S.R. Hallett, Experimental characterisation of the in-plane shear behaviour of UD thermoset prepregs under processing conditions, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Volume 133, June 2020, 105865 (

  • P. Aravindan, F. Becagli, M.L. Longana, L.G. Blok, T.R. Pozegic, S.J. Huntley, T. Rendall. I. Hamerton, Remanufacturing of woven carbon fibre fabric production waste into high performance aligned discontinuous fibre composites, Journal of Composites Science, Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2020, 68 (

  • A. Kandemir, T.R. Pozegic, I. Hamerton, S.J. Eichhorn, M.L. Longana, Characterisation of natural fibres for sustainable discontinuous fibre composite materials, Materials, Volume 13, Issue 9, 4 May 2020, 2129 (

  • T. Macquart, S. Scott, P. Greaves, P.M. Weaver, A. Pirrera, Corotational finite element formulation for static nonlinear analyses with enriched beam elements, AIAA Journal, Volume 58, Number 5, May 2020 (

  • M.Y. Rivera Lopez, J.M. Lambas, J.P. Stacey, S. Gamage, A. Suliga, A. Viquerat, I. Hamerton, Development of cycloaliphatic epoxy-POSS nanocomposite matrices with enhanced resistance to atomic oxygen, Molecules, Voume 25, Issue 7, 25 March 2020, 1483 (

  • K. Willicombe, M. Elkington, I. Hamerton, C. Ward, Development of novel transportation shells for the rapid, automated manufacture of automotive composite parts, Procedia Manufacturing, Volume 51, 2020, Pages 818-825 (

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2019 publications

CDT student author(s) shown in bold.

  • R.L. Lincoln, F. Scarpa, V.P. Ting, R.S. Trask, Multifunctional composites: a metamaterial perspective, Multifunctional Materials, Volume 2, Number 4, 31 December 2019, 043001 (

  • M.P. O’Donnell, J.P. Stacey, I.V. Chenchiah, A. Pirrera, Multiscale tailoring of helical lattice systems for bespoke thermoelasticity, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Volume 133, December 2019, 103704 (

  • A.K.W. Hii, S. Minera, R.M.J. Groh, A. Pirrera, L.F. Kawashita, Three-dimensional stress analyses of complex laminated shells with a variable-kinematics continuum shell element, Composite Structures, Volume 229, December 2019, 111405 (

  • H.V .Doan, H. Amer Hamzah, P. Karikkethu Prabhakaran, C. Petrillo, V.P. Ting, Hierarchical metal–organic frameworks with macroporosity: Synthesis, achievements, and challenges, Nano-Micro Letters, Volume 11, Issue 1, Article 54, December 2019 (

  • C.J. Hunt, M.R. Wisnom, B.K.S. Woods, WrapToR composite truss structures: Improved process and structural efficiency, Composite Structures, Volume 230, December 2019, 111467 (

  • C. Aza, A Pirrera, M. Schenk, Multistable morphing mechanisms of nonlinear springs, Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, Volume 11, Issue 5, October 2019, 051014 (

  • A.R. Kristnama, X. Xu, D. Nowell, M.R. Wisnom, S.R. Hallett, Experimental investigation of high velocity oblique impact and residual tensile strength of carbon/epoxy laminates, Composites Science and Technology, Volume 182, September 2019, 107772 (

  • Y. He, A. Suliga, A. Brinkmeyer, M. Schenk, I. Hamerton, Atomic oxygen degradation mechanisms of epoxy composites for space applications, Polymer Degradation and Stability, Volume 166, August 2019, Pages 108-120 (

  • C. Xiang, J. Guo, R. Sun, A. Hinitt, T Helps, M. Taghavi, J. Rossiter, Electroactive textile actuators for breathability control and thermal regulation devices, Polymers, Volume 11, Issue 7, July 2019, 1199 (

  • W. Zhang, S. Zhao, R. Sun, F. Scarpa, J. Wang, In-plane mechanical behavior of a new star-re-entrant hierarchical metamaterial, Polymers, Volume 11, Issue 7, July 2019, 1132. (

  • J.D. Brigido, S.G Burrow, B.S.K Woods, Switchable stiffness morphing aerostructures based on granular jamming, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, Volume 30, Issue 17, July 2019, Pages 2581-2594 (

  • S.W. Grey, F. Scarpa, M. Schenk, Strain reversal in actuated origami structures, Physical Review Letters, Volume 123, Issue 2, July 2019, 025501 (

  • T. Rev, M. Jalalvand, J.D. Fuller, M. Wisnom, G. Czel, A simple and robust approach for visual overload indication - UD thin-ply hybrid composite sensors, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Volume 121, June 2019, Pages 376-385 (

  • Y. Song W. Huang C. Mu X.Chen, Q. Zhang A. Ran, Z. Peng, R. Sun, W. Xie, Carbon nanotube‐modified fabric for wearable smart electronic‐skin with exclusive normal‐tangential force sensing ability, Advanced Materials Technologies, Volume 4, Issue 5, May 2019, 1800680 (

  • R. Theunissen, R. C. Worboys, Near-wake observations behind azimuthally perforated disks with varying hole layout and porosity in smooth airstreams at high reynolds numbers, Journal of Fluids Engineering, Volume 141, No. 5, May 2019, 051108 (

  • A. Tsiamis, R.J. Iredale, R. Backhouse, S.R. Hallett, I. Hamerton, Liquid processable, thermally stable, hydrophobic phenolic triazine resins for advanced composite applications, ASC Applied Polymer Materials, Volume 1, Issue 6, April 2019, 1458-1465 (

  • J. Stacey, M. O'Donnell, M.Schenk, Thermal prestress in composite compliant shell mechanisms, Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, Volume 11, Issue 2, February 2019, (

  • R. Sun, S. Correia Carreira, Y. Chen, C. Xiang, L. Xu, B. Zhang, M. Chen, I. Farrow, F. Scarpa, J. Rossiter,  Stretchable piezoelectric sensing systems for self-powered and wireless health monitoring, Advanced Materials Technologies, Published online 24 Feb 2019 (

  • E. Varano, M. Zhou, S. Lanham, R.J. Iredale, J.S. van Duijneveldt, I. Hamerton, Developing toughened bismaleimide-clay nanocomposites: Comparing the use of platelet and rod-like nanoclays, Reactive and Functional Polymers. 134, January 2019, p.10-21 (

  • D. Stanier, A. Radhakrishnan, I. Gent, S. Roy, I. Hamerton, P. Potluri, F. Scarpa, M. Shaffer, D. Ivanov, Matrix-graded and fibre-steered composites to tackle stress concentrations, Composite Structures, Volume 207, January 2019, pp. 72-80 (

  • X. Wang, X. Guo, J. Ye, N. Zheng, P. Kohli, D. Choi, Y. Zhang, Z. Xie, Q. Zhang, H. Luan, K. Nan, B.H. Kim, Y. Xu, X. Shan, W. Bai, R. Sun, Z. Wang, H. Jang, F. Zhang, Y. Ma, Z. Xu, X. Feng, T. Xie, Y. Huang, Y. Zhang, J.A. Rogers, Freestanding 3D mesostructures, functional devices, and shape-programmable systems based on mechanically induced assembly with shape memory polymers, Advanced Materials, Volume 31, Issue 2, January 2019, pp1805615 (

  • B.K. Russell, S. Takeda, C. Ward, I. Hamerton, Examining the influence of carboxylic anhydride structures on the reaction kinetics and processing characteristics of an epoxy resin for wind turbine applications, Reactive and Functional Polymers, Volume 144, 2019, 104353 (

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2018 publications

CDT student author(s) shown in bold.

  • M.C. Mulakkal, R. Trask, V.P. Ting, A. Seddon, Responsive Cellulose-Hydrogel Composite Ink for 4D Printing, Materials and Design, Volume 160, December 2018, Pages 108-118 (

  • L. Yang, Q. Zhao, Y. Hou, R. Sun, M. Cheng, M Shen, S Zeng, H Ji, J Qiu, High breakdown strength and outstanding piezoelectric performance in flexible PVDF based percolative nanocomposites through the synergistic effect of topological-structure and composition modulations, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Volume 114, November 2018, Pages 13-20 (

  • J. Alston, A. Croxford, J. Potter, P. Blanloeuil, Nonlinear non-collinear ultrasonic detection and characterisation of kissing bonds, NDT & E International, Volume 99, October 2018, Pages 105-116 (

  • X. Xu, M.R. Wisnom, X. Sun, T. Rev, S.R. Hallett, Experimental determination of Through-Thickness Compression (TTC) enhancement factor for Mode II fracture energy, Composites Science and Technology, Volume 165, 8 September 2018, Pages 66-73 (

  • X. Ning, X. Yu, H. Wang, R. Sun, R. Corman, C.M. Lee, Y. Yao, A. Chempakasseril, Z. Zhang, P. Tian, Z. Wang, R.H. Ewoldt, Y. Huang, Y. Zhang, J.A. Rogers, Mechanically active materials in three-dimensional mesostructures, Science Advances, Volume 4, Issue 9, September 2018 (

  • R.J. Tapper, M.L. Longana, H. Yu, I. Hamerton, K.D. Potter, Development of a closed-loop recycling process for discontinuous carbon fibre polypropylene composites, Composites Part B: Engineering, Volume 146, 1 August 2018, Pages 222-231 (

  • L.G. Blok, M.L. Longana, H. Yu, B.K.S. Woods, An investigation into 3D printing of fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites, Additive Manufacturing, Volume 22, August 2018, Pages 176-186 (

  • X. Wu, J.D. Fuller, M.L. Longana, M.R. Wisnom, Reduced notch sensitivity in pseudo-ductile CFRP thin ply angle-ply laminates with central 0° plies, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Volume 111, August 2018, Pages 62-72 (

  • B.S. Cox, R.M.J. Groh, D. Avitabile, A. Pirrera, Modal nudging in nonlinear elasticity: Tailoring the elastic post-buckling behaviour of engineering structures, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Volume 116, July 2018, Pages 135-149 (

  • A. Cohades, C. Branfoot, S. I. Rae, I. Bond, V. Michaud, Progress in self‐healing fiber‐reinforced polymer composites, Advanced Materials Interfaces, 7 June 2018, 1800177 (

  • R. Sun, B. Zhang, L. Yang, W. Zhang, I. Farrow, F. Scarpa, J. Rossiter, Kirigami stretchable strain sensors with enhanced piezoelectricity induced by topological electrodes, Applied Physics Letters, Volume 112, Issue 25, June 2018, 251904 (

  • T. Macquart, V. Maes, M.T. Bordogna, A. Pirrera, P.M. Weaver, Optimisation of composite structures – Enforcing the feasibility of lamination parameter constraints with computationally-efficient maps, Composite Structures, Volume 192, 15 May 2018, Pages 605-615 (

  • C. Mu, Y. Song, W. Huang, A. Ran, R. Sun, W. Xie, H. Zhang, Flexible normal-tangential force sensor with opposite resistance responding for highly sensitive artificial skin, Advanced Functional Materials, Volume 28, Issue 18, 4 May 2018, 1707503 (

  • A.E. Rivero, P.M. Weaver, J.E. Cooper, B.K.S. Woods, Parametric structural modelling of fish bone active camber morphing aerofoils, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, Volume 29, Issue 9, May 2018, Pages 2008-2026 (

  • X. Zhao, H. Shen, R. Sun, Q. Luo, X. Li, Y. Zhou, M. Tai, J. Li, Y. Gao, X. Li, H Lin, Bending durable and recyclable mesostructured perovskite solar cells based on superaligned ZnO nanorod electrode, Solar RRL, Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2018, 1700194 (

  • B.S. Cox, R.M.J Groh, D. Avitabile, A Pirrera, Exploring the design space of nonlinear shallow arches with generalised path-following, Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, Volume 143, April 2018, Pages 1-10 (

  • X. Yu, H. Wang, X. Ning, R. Sun, et al, Needle-shaped ultrathin piezoelectric microsystem for guided tissue targeting via mechanical sensing, Nature Biomedical Engineering, Volume 2, Issue 3, March 2018, Pages 165–172 (

  • Q. Ai, P.M. Weaver, M. Azarpeyvand, Design and mechanical testing of a variable stiffness morphing trailing edge flap, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, Volume 29, Issue 4, March 2018, Pages 669-683 (

  • J. Rodrigues, S. Grey, M. Azarpeyvand, T.C.S. Rendall, Acoustic reflectometry for pitot-tube blockage detection, Journal of Aircraft, Volume 55, Number 1, January 2018, pp. 325-338 (

  • C. Mu, J. Li, Y. Song, W. Huang, A. Ran, K. Deng, J. Huang, W. Xie, R. Sun, H. Zhang, Enhanced piezocapacitive effect in CaCu3Ti4O12–Polydimethylsiloxane composited sponge for ultrasensitive flexible capacitive sensor, ACS Applied Nano Materials, Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 274-283 (

  • G. Czél, T. Rev, M. Jalalvand, M. Fotouhi, M.L. Longana, O.J. Nixon-Pearson, M.R. Wisnom, Pseudo-ductility and reduced notch sensitivity in multi-directional all-carbon/epoxy thin-ply hybrid composites, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Volume 104, January 2018, Pages 151-164 (

  • A.B. Baker, D.F. Wass, R.S. Trask, Thermally induced reversible and reprogrammable actuation of tough hydrogels utilising ionoprinting and iron coordination chemistry, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 254, January 2018, Pages 519-525 (

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2017 publications

CDT student author(s) shown in bold.

  • S. Scott, M. Capuzzi, D. Langston, E. Bossanyi, G. McCann, P.M. Weaver, A. Pirrera, Effects of aeroelastic tailoring on performance characteristics of wind turbine systems, Renewable Energy, Volume 114, Part B, December 2017, Pages 887-903 (

  • G. Francois, J.E. Cooper, P.M. Weaver, Aeroelastic tailoring using crenellated skins: modelling and experiment,  Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science, Volume 4, Number 2, 2017, Pages 93-124 (

  • H.V. Jones, A. Roudaut, A.P. Chatzimichali, K.D. Potter , C. Ward, The Dibber: Designing a standardised handheld tool for lay-up tasks, Applied Ergonomics, Volume 65, November 2017, Pages 240-254 (

  • J. R. Turner, D. A. Resendiz-Lara, T. Jurca, A. Schäfer, J. R. Vance, L. Beckett, G. R. Whittell, R. A. Musgrave, H. A. Sparkes, I. Manners, Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties of Poly(aryl)phosphinoboranes Formed via Iron-Catalyzed Dehydropolymerization, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, Volume 218, October 2017, 1700120 (

  • M.P.M Dicker, A.B. BakerR.J. Iredale, S. Naficy, I.P. Bond, C.F.J Faul, J.M. Rossiter, G.M. Spinks, P.M. Weaver, Light-Triggered Soft Artificial Muscles: Molecular-Level Amplification of Actuation Control Signals, Scientific Reports, Volume 7, Number 9197, 23 August 2017 (

  • M. Tolladay, D. Ivanov, N.L. Allan, F. Scarpa, Piezoelectric effects in boron nitride nanotubes predicted by the atomistic finite element method and molecular mechanics, Nanotechnology, Volume 28, Number 35, 31 July 2017, pp. 355705 (

  • R.J. Iredale, C. Ward, I.Hamerton, Modern advances in bismaleimide resin technology: A 21st century perspective on the chemistry of addition polyimides, Progress in Polymer Science, Volume 69, June 2017, Pages 1-21 (

  • R.M Neville, J. Chen, X. Guo, F. Zhang, W. Wang, Y. Dobah, F. Scarpa, J. Leng, H. X. Peng, A Kirigami shape memory polymer honeycomb concept for deployment, Smart Materials and Structures, Volume 26, Issue 5, April 2017, pp. 05LT03 (

  • X. Ning, H. Wang, X. Yu, J. A. N. T. Soares, Z. Yan, K. Nan, G. Velarde, Y. Xue, R. Sun, Q. Dong, H. Luan, C. M. Lee, A. Chempakasseril, M. Han, Y. Wang, L. Li, Y. Huang, Y. Zhang, J. A. Rogers, 3D Tunable, Multiscale, and Multistable Vibrational Micro-Platforms Assembled by Compressive Buckling, Advanced Functional Materials, Volume 27, Issue 14, 11 April 2017, 1605914 (

  • J.W. Hartley, J. Kratz, C. Ward, I.K. Partridge, Effect of tufting density and loop length on the crushing behaviour of tufted sandwich specimens, Composites Part B: Engineering, Volume 112, 1 March 2017, Pages 49-56 (

  • L.G. Blok, J. Kratz, D. Lukaszewicz, S. Hesse, C. Ward, C. Kassapoglou, Improvement of the in-plane crushing response of CFRP sandwich panels by through-thickness reinforcements, Composite Structures, Volume 161, 1 February 2017, Pages 15-22 (

  • M.K. Hazzard, S.R. Hallett, P.T. Curtis, L. Iannucci, R.S. Trask, Effect of fibre orientation on the low velocity impact response of thin Dyneema® composite laminates, International Journal of Impact Engineering, Volume 100, February 2017, Pages 35-45 (

  • J. Ciambella, D.C. Stanier, S.S. Rahatekar, Magnetic alignment of short carbon fibres in curing composites, Composites Part B: Engineering, Volume 109, 15 January 2017, Pages 129-137 (

  • Q. Ai, P. M. Weaver, Simplified analytical model for tapered sandwich beams using variable stiffness materials, Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials, Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2017, Pages 3 - 25 (

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