What can I do with a Classics and Ancient History degree?

The interdisciplinary study of Classics and Ancient History provides skills in critical thinking, detailed analysis, persuasive writing and clear self-expression that are essential and transferable to a wide range of professional careers. Our degrees are well regarded by employers, and will unlock a wide range of career options for you.

Every year, some of our students choose to carry on in academia, and go on to further study and research, in both Classics and other subjects. Most, however, go into a wide range of different careers: our graduates are highly employable, and have found success in diverse areas such as administration, media, museum work, art galleries, heritage management, marketing, the Civil Service, law, accountancy, finance, computing, commerce, industry and teaching - both at home and abroad.


In recent years, our graduate career destinations have included:

  • Masters degrees (in Classics and other subjects)
  • Primary and secondary school teaching
  • Law conversion
  • Investment banking
  • Accountancy
  • Management consultancy
  • Marketing

Whether or not you intend to pursue a career in Classics and Ancient History after you graduate, a good degree in Classics and Ancient History from Bristol shows employers that you have:

  • the ability to grasp complex and detailed ideas
  • skills in critical analysis
  • the capacity to evaluate information from different perspectives
  • the ability to apply theory in order to solve problems
  • the ability to write clearly and persuasively
  • oral communications skills

The training you receive during your Classics and Ancient History degree here at the University of Bristol will give you a strong base from which to develop your professional career, in whichever direction you choose.

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