Public engagement

STEM Ambassadors

The Centre's outreach activities are only made possible by the enthusiasm and commitment of our students. All our PhD researchers have been through the STEM Ambassador programme, which aims to inspire young people and open doors to the world of opportunities that comes from pursuing STEM subjects.

Bringing science alive

Our researchers are passionate about science and this is never more apparent than when they interact with visiting school children. The Centre annually hosts 2 - 4 science visits, when primary and secondary students alike are given the opportunity to experience first-hand what it is like to do research in a lab.

Over 300 pupils have attended our outreach events since 2010 and participated in many workshops where they learn skills such as synthesis extraction, measurement, fair testing and cooperation.

I am a professional chemist myself and I have always encouraged Joe's interest in science. However, in one day you have done more of that than I have managed in the previous 13 years!

Justin, father to Joe

Thank you for an awesome day! I enjoyed everything, especially the lecture and extracting caffeine from tea. The experience has motivated me even more to do a science degree.

Post 16 student
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