Programme overview

PhD-level research alongside taught courses

Industry often comments that traditional graduates lack some of the transferable skills - such as communication and problem solving - which it increasingly needs in today's ever demanding world.

We have therefore designed a two-pronged, complimentary approach to developing well-rounded candidates, able to succeed in today's competitive job market.

Alongside your research, you will attend a range of courses and activities designed to ensure that you finish your PhD with not only a thorough understanding of your research area, but also an appreciation of the range of chemistry-related careers available and the skills you might need to succeed in your career.

Teamwork, presentation skills, problem-solving, critical thinking and analysis are some the skills you will develop during this time, as they are key to successfully completing your PhD.

The program of study is extremely well designed to provide students with a modern postgraduate training that not only offers an in-depth scientific training in synthetic chemistry, but will also provide broad skills training that will enable them to work in a collaborative research environment.

John Leonard, Industrial Supervisor, AstraZeneca
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