Why Choose Compass?

There is industry demand for PhD graduates with advanced skills in statistics and data science.

‘Growing demand for data science leaves Britain vulnerable to skills shortages’  The Royal Society May 2019

‘Organizations Striving To Close The Data Science Skills Gap’ Forbes June 2018

Compass will provide you with the skills and experience to further a career in data science:

  • Training integrating statistical and computational methods for data analysis;
  • A strong cohort-driven centre within the world-class School of Mathematics;
  • A radical enhancement of traditional teaching. Fostering essential research skills, active learning and independence;
  • Training in cutting-edge statistical and data science; providing an exposure to science "in action" via collaborative training with a range of partners;
  • Opportunities for stimulating PhD research:  reflecting Bristol's strengths across the spectrum of interdisciplinary and industrial collaboration.

Why study data science @Bristol? Research into COVID-19 and beyond

Interested in a PhD in Data Science? Find out in this video from Dr Daniel Lawson, Compass CDT Co-Director, how data science research helped in the fight against COVID-19. What will make society better prepared in the future? 

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