New Students registering in September/October

Full information about registration arrangements will be issued before the start of your programme.

With so many new students due to arrive at the start of the new academic year, it is helpful if students upload a photograph for their UCard as early as possible, and well before the deadline. Providing a photograph at an early stage will ensure that your card is ready for you to collect when you arrive.


For most new undergraduates and postgraduates starting in late September the deadline is midnight on Saturday 14th September 2019.

Students whose programmes start earlier in September will be given an earlier deadline.

If you want to upload your photograph now, please read the instructions, and ensure your photo meets the passport-style photo guidelines. Taking a separate photograph specifically for this purpose is generally better than using an existing photograph. If the image uploaded is inappropriate or of poor quality it may be rejected and you will be asked to supply another one. 

The name that will appear on your UCard will be your first forename and your family name, as provided by you when you submitted your application to the University, but you will have an opportunity to change your first forename to a ‘preferred forename’ when you register online, shortly before arrival.  Your full name will be used by the University for all formal purposes, eg academic transcripts and degree certificates, but your ‘preferred forename’ and family name may be used for less formal purposes, eg class lists, hall of residence lists, UCard.

Collecting your student UCard

UCards for the majority of new undergraduates and postgraduates will be available for collection at the main registration events during the week commencing 22nd September 2019. You will be provided with further details before you arrive.

Separate arrangements will be made for students whose programmes start earlier in September.  Details will be provided by your Faculty or School.


If you are unable to upload a photo before arrival, you can have your photo taken and your card made by Card Services when you arrive, after you have registered with your Faculty or School, but you may have to queue.  Further instructions will be provided by your Faculty or School, who will stamp your Certificate of Registration, as proof that you have completed all the registration processes.