Policy for PIs

This advice applies to Principle Investigators included in BrisSynBio project teams, leading on BrisSynBio funded equipment, affiliated with BrisSynBio, or in receipt of any BrisSynBio funding.

You must acknowledge the support of BrisSynBio for publications that are led by or involve a substantial contribution from yourself or from BrisSynBio-funded members of your group (no matter how minor the contribution from the BrisSynBio-funded contributers). Other funding sources can also be acknowledged.  This should be in the form of an additional affiliation, for example: http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/org/woolfson/papers/paper116.pdf, and via acknowledgement of the support of BrisSynBio including the grant number in the acknowledgements section. 

Publications in which you have a minor author role (minor contribution outputs), can proceed without acknowledgement of the support of BrisSynBio in the acknowledgments section.  These publications will not be included as a BrisSynBio output (via ResearchFish).  Such situations should be carefully considered.  If the contribution was minor, consider whether authorship or acknowledgement is most appropriate.

Open Access: If you are the most senior author, it is your responsibility to ensure that peer-reviewed research articles (including review articles not commissioned by the publisher) published in academic journals or conference proceedings are published in a manner compliant with RCUK policy:   http://www.rcuk.ac.uk/research/openaccess/.  This is to ensure that BrisSynBio remains compliant with the Research Council UK (RCUK) policy on open access.  See appendix 2 for further details and resources. 

Pure: You are required to maintain an accurate Pure report of Research Outputs for all publications and outputs in which BrisSynBio funding is acknowledged.  This will help us demonstrate the impact of BrisSynBio by providing records that we will use to collate information for BrisSynBio reports to BBSRC/EPSRC and for the Research Excellence Framework 2020.  Please note that BrisSynBio is an ‘organisational group’ in Pure.  See appendix 3 for further details.

Communicating your research through the media: You are obliged to inform the BrisSynBio office and BBSRC and EPSRC press offices about upcoming publications, so the media teams can explore whether a paper is likely to attract media interest.  Publications and other forms of media communication, including media appearances, press releases and conferences, must acknowledge the support received from RCUK quoting the grant reference number if appropriate.  See appendix 4 for further details.

Once your paper has been published:

  1. Create a Pure record and follow the REF compliance process.  Deposit the author accepted manuscript in PURE within 3 months of acceptance date.
  2. Please refer to appendix 3 below for instructions on how to link your publication in PURE. 
  3. Ensure RCUK open access policy compliance by Green or Gold route.
  4. Send an email including information about the paper, a brief lay summary and a copy of the paper to BrisSynBio Scientific Manager and to BBSRC/EPSRC press offices, who will work with you to develop a press release or other communications as appropriate.
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