Appendix 3 : Pure, open access and the Research Excellence Framework (REF)

Linking to BrisSynBio and the Bristol BioDesign Institute in PURE

  1. In the Authors and affiliations section please select ‘Add organisational unit’, search for and add BrisSynBio (Faculty of Science).
  2. In the KEYWORD please tag with the free text ‘synthetic biology’
  3. In the STRUCTURED KEYWORDS section, scroll down to Specialist Research Institutes and select ‘Biodesign’. 

Background and University of Bristol Policy

The HEFCE open access policy requires that all journal articles and conference proceedings (with an ISSN) submitted to the next REF (2020) are deposited in the institutional repository within three months of acceptance, regardless of any journal embargo periods.  The institutional repository at the University of Bristol is ‘Pure’.  BrisSynBio members are required to comply with this policy for all outputs in which BrisSynBio funding is acknowledged.  It is the responsibility of the most senior BrisSynBio author (not necessarily the most senior staff member) to complete and maintain the Pure record.

When you receive your acceptance notification, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Create a Pure record including the article title, author(s), journal title and date of acceptance. Include at least all University of Bristol authors.
  • Upload the AAM to the Pure record
  • Forward the acceptance notification with the Pure ID as the message subject to:
  • Library staff will check Pure records with documents attached, and will make the documents publicly available through Explore Bristol Research according to the copyright policies of the publisher.
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