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BrisSynBio, a BBSRC / EPSRC funded Synthetic Biology Research Centre

BrisSynBio is a multi-disciplinary research centre that focuses on the biomolecular design and engineering aspects of synthetic biology, and has been established as one of six Synthetic Biology Research Centres in the UK.  BrisSynBio is funded predominantly by the BBSRC and EPSRC, and we have a number of other academic, industrial and public-facing partners.‌

BrisSynBio is part of the Bristol BioDesign Institute, one of the University of Bristol's seven Specialist Research Institutes

Our overarching aims are:

  • to improve understanding of biological assemblies and processes to points that allow the rational and predictable design and engineering of biological and bio-inspired systems;
  • to foster systematic, synthetic-biology approaches to the design and engineering of biological systems across scales from atoms and molecules to cells and tissues;
  • to train the next generation of scientists and engineers in these approaches;
  • and, where possible, to facilitate the translation of fundamental synthetic-biology research to industry and the clinic.

Find out more about BrisSynBio, the resources and expertise that BrisSynBio brings together, and some of the research and public-facing projects that are underway in the centre.

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