Public engagement

Public engagement is at the heart of the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute's research vision. We aim to encourage a culture in which public and patients' views feed into the University’s health research and, by engaging the public at all stages of the research process, to support world-class engaged health research that meets patients' needs at a local, national and international level.

Opportunities for the public

We encourage members of the public to meet our researchers, discuss their work and suggest new research ideas. There are several ways you can do this:

  • If you are interested in health and health research and would like to discuss and explore the work being done at the University then attend our talks, festivals and events;
  • If you are interested in contributing to ongoing research at the University you can apply to be part of our Public Advisory Group by emailing us with an expression of interest;
  • If you are an individual or organisation planning a project with health themes that engages with your community, or the wider public, get in touch and we can work with you to find University of Bristol researchers and research groups to collaborate with;
  • If you have ideas for future health research at the University of Bristol, contact us and let us know what you want to see happening.

Opportunities for University of Bristol researchers 

The Elizabeth Blackwell institute has developed various mechanisms for incorporating the views of the public and patients into the health research process, including the Public Advisory Group. Information for members of the University of Bristol on how to receive input from the Public Advisory Group can be found in our researchers’ guide

We also offer the following support to University of Bristol researchers:

  • Advice on developing high-impact public engagement activities for University of Bristol led research ;
  • Advice on writing up public engagement plans for grant applications led by University of Bristol researchers;
  • Identification of suitable creative and community partners for public engagement activities;
  • Support for recruiting external partners in health and social care;
  • Support in bringing together researchers from different disciplines to collaborate on interdisciplinary public engagement projects;
  • Advice on specialised public engagement activities that link researchers with patient communities and sign-posting to relevant resources and organisations;
  • Sign-posting to Public and Patient Involvement and Public Engagement specific training opportunities for researchers;
  • Opportunities for researchers to engage with the public through our current EBI-led Public Engagement activities.

We work closely with the University's Public Engagement team and People in Health West of England.

If you are interested in public engagement opportunities with broader research you may wish to get in touch with the University of Bristol’s Public Engagement  team.

Contact us

For more information or advice about public engagement at the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute contact the institute’s Public Engagement Associate Jo Stubbs.

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