Connecting you with researchers

If you work in healthcare, or are an academic and would like to connect with health researchers to talk about ideas, share expertise, and discuss how you can work together with others to solve health challenges, there are many ways to collaborate.

Get connected

We have a range of interdisciplinary communities you can join - being part of one of these communities means we will keep you updated on: 

  • Events
  • Latest news
  • Funding opportunities
  • Collaborations

Join our research communities

Collaborate with the University

If you work for a business, or another academic institution, find out about ways to partner with us.

Including you

If you are a member of the public wanting to be part of research, find out about ways you can get involved. 

Tackling challenges together

Discover what some of our research communities have been looking into.

Health Data Science Hub

Visit our hub to connect with researchers working in Health Data Science.

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute has been wonderful at making me feel part of a community, they really work hard to bring people together in different ways.

Dr Kaitlin Wade
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