Our research

We support a wide range of research across disciplines to improve health; science that helps us understand human health and disease, from biomedical to clinical, social and population sciences. Below we highlight a few projects to give you a flavour of the breadth of the research we support.

Brain discovery linked to anxiety

Bristol neuroscientists have discovered a brain pathway underpinning anxiety and fear behaviours such as 'freezing' offering potential new treatments.

Student mental health

Why might a student avoid emergency contact protocol? Read about research exploring students giving permission - or not - for their families to be contacted in the case of a mental health emergency.

Mood music

What do music listening patterns tell us about how we feel? Explore the relationship between our listening habits and our mental health with the latest research into music and our moods.

Pandemic impacts

People in minoritized ethnic groups were hit much harder by the pandemic than others, with higher numbers of infections and deaths from the virus, as well as exposure to negative economic impacts.

If you would like to see a full list of the research projects we are currently funding see our research projects list

Mental health films

Watch our series of mental health films and find out how inclusive research makes impactful research.

Tackling challenges together

Discover what some of our research communities have been looking into.

Case studies

Read about the projects we have supported and what they found.

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