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The School of Biological Sciences is seeking highly motivated individuals to join us as

Independent Research Fellows.
We recognise the importance of this step in the development of an early career
scientist and are keen to assist outstanding individuals with their applications,
integration into the School and development.
We would also like to hear from Independent Research Fellows who are interested in
transferring an existing fellowship to Bristol.

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Applications are invited for the following plant science PhDs to commence September 2018.
Please use the following link to apply. Application deadline: midnight 4th December 2017
Improving plant cold tolerance to enhance agricultural resilience to abiotic stress.
Main supervisor: Dr Antony Dodd (University of Bristol)
Second supervisor: Prof Keith Edwards (University of Bristol)
Improving the quality of glasshouse crops via light quality manipulation (CASE).  
Main supervisor: Dr Kerry Franklin (University of Bristol)
Non-academic supervisor: Mr Simon Budge (Vitacress)
Dr Antony Dodd (University of Bristol)
Mechanisms for plant shape determination in Marchantia. 
Main supervisor: Dr Jill Harrison (University of Bristol)
Second supervisor: Dr Martin Homer (University of Bristol)
Optimising a universal plant transformation system for orphan crops.
Main supervisor: Dr Heather Whitney (University of Bristol)
Second supervisor: Prof Carman Galan (University of Bristol), Prof Keith Edwards (University of Bristol)  
The control of light-induced stomatal opening. 
Main supervisor: Prof Alistair Hetherington (University of Bristol)
Second supervisor: Prof John Harwood (Cardiff University)
Prof Keith Edwards (University of Bristol), Dr Tom Batstone (University of Bristol), Dr Simon Scofield (Cardiff University)
How do organelles communicate? Deciphering the relationship between reactive oxygen species and organelle dynamics.
Main supervisor: Dr Imogen Sparkes (University of Bristol)
Second supervisor: Prof Alistair Hetherington (University of Bristol) , Prof Nick Smirnoff (University of Exeter)
Deciphering mechanisms of non-host resistance in tobacco to an important fungal pathogen of wheat.
Rothamsted supervisor: Dr Kostya Kanyuka (Rothamsted Research)
Academic supervisor: Prof Gary Foster (University of Bristol), Dr Jason Rudd (Rothamsted Research), Dr Andy Bailey (University of Bristol), Dr Robert King (Rothamsted Research)


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