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Laura, BSc Biology


Amber, BSc Biology


Marie, BSc Biology


Josh, BSc Biology


Arporn, BSc Zoology

Teaching and assessment

The study of Biological Sciences encompasses a huge range of concepts and techniques and our teaching programme reflects the diversity of the subject

Our degree programmes are flexible, and all students complete field courses or laboratory workshops and independent research projects chosen from a wide range of options.

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School on film

The school on film

Artist's impression of lab in new Life Sciences building

Artist's impression of one of the labs in the new Life Sciences building

The Life Sciences building has regenerated 13,500 square metres of space in the heart of Bristol. It hosts a suite of outstanding laboratories and will enhance the student experience by facilitating research-led study and staff-student interaction.

Based on an imaginative design, the building features multiple break-out spaces and a five-storey laboratory wing. Located at the heart of the University campus, adjacent to other core science and medical schools, it couples central positioning with the best in sustainable design and energy efficiency.

New horizons in biology

The University has invested £56 million in an iconic new building that forms a research hub for interdisciplinary research, facilitating major advances across the sciences.

This flagship project, coupled with six outstanding new academic appointments, underscores the University's belief that many of the 21st century's most exciting discoveries will emerge from biology, and that the next generation of biology graduates will have opportunities unparalleled anywhere else.