Fast-track TESTA

Fast-track TESTA provides a rapid insight into the things that students value about their experience on your programme, and the ways in which they feel it could be made even better. If you want to check how changes you have made to the programme have been received, identify quick changes that could sort out students’ niggles, confirm your planned direction of travel, or just provide a spark for discussion amongst your programme team, then Fast-track TESTA is for you.


In this short video Chloe provides an introductiory overview of Fast-track TESTA

What does it involve? We will run a workshop with your students, in which they work together to reflect on the way they have engaged with their programme, explain what is working well, and suggest places where they think change would be useful. We will then discuss the outcomes with teaching staff at a separate debrief session that takes about an hour.

Who should attend the student workshop? Generally final year students, as they can reflect on their experience across multiple years of the programme. The more students that attend the more useful the feedback will be.

Who should attend the staff debrief session? The programme director, unit leads, the student administration manager or representative and as many staff who teach on or administer the programme as you can manage!

What happens in the staff debrief session? We will present an analysis of the feedback and comments provided by the students, support discussion, and suggest proven tactics to help address any issues identified. The debrief sessions often spark wide-ranging discussions about teaching on the programme and its organisation, and the more people that attend the session the wider and richer the discussion will be.

What’s the outcome? Quick fixes that might improve student experience in-year; ideas for larger changes that could be brought in next year; confirmation (or otherwise!) that planned changes are likely to be well-received; food-for-thought for longer-term programme review plans.

What next? Fast-track TESTA can work well as a stand-alone activity, but often the experience prompt teams to consider delving deeper into their assessment and feedback approaches via TESTA, a bespoke workshop to address a particular aspect of practice or taking a “bigger picture” look at the programme in a curriculum festival.

Interview series

In these short videos we asked Bradley, Claire and Jan about their experiences with fast-track TESTA

Dr Bradley Stephens from the School of Modern Language

Professor Claire Grierson from the School of Biological Sciences

Dr Jan Wozniak from the Department of Theater

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