Curriculum Enhancement

We work with programme teams in a range of ways to develop and enhance curricula including:

Curriculum Festivals
Curriculum Festivals - an event to develop new programmes or reinvigorate existing ones. Each festival involves the whole programme team, students, alumni and relevant professional services staff, and is typically followed by a Writing Retreat to consolidate ideas into programme and unit descriptors.

Leadership Development for Curriculum Enhancement
The Leadership Development Programme aims to support Programme Directors (and other colleagues with a similar responsibility for curriculum) in tackling common challenges and empower them to get the most out of the curriculum enhancement process.

TESTA (Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment) - a series of events drawing on programme data and student perspectives to develop and enhance summative and formative assessment across a programme.

Our curriculum enhancement work draws on the University of Bristol’s Curriculum Framework and its six connected dimensions which together form a touchstone for curriculum design and enhancement. The Curriculum Framework was co-created with staff across the institution and a small number of students in 2019. 

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