Writing Retreats

What is it?

The Writing Retreats pick up where the Curriculum Festival left off and are about writing new engaging descriptions of the units that are genuinely student-facing. 

Students don’t get excited reading unit descriptors. Time to change that. If you had to make a jargon-free elevator-pitch to a student on an open day about your unit what would you say?

  • A Writing Retreat takes 2 – 2.5 hours. 

Who should attend?

The programme team who attended the Curriculum Festival. 

What will I do?

Each Writing Retreat is a guided session with thoughtful activities to stimulate ideas and creativity. We will –

  • Share with others what the vision of the units are and see what excites them. What do they hear? 
  • Discuss the new way of writing unit descriptors and how it compares with the old and consider the importance of the language that we use. 
  • Collaborate in teams to capture the ideas and write the new descriptors. 

What’s the outcome?

Imaginative and engaging descriptors designed for a student audience not a faculty approval meeting!

What’s next?

You may just want to get on with it from here, but talk to us about any support and collaboration you would like. 

Have a question?

Get in touch with the academic-development-team@bristol.ac.uk

Writing Retreats - a personal perspective

In this short video Dr Andy Young, School Education Director from the School of Physics talks about his experience with a writing retreat.

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