An important additional aspect to the use of this facility is for research and development related to surgical techniques, devices and implants. The fresh frozen cadaveric material we have available at the centre is ideal for surgeons and research staff to develop and trial these new advancements to ensure the pre-clinical design feasibility, efficacy and safety of procedures in the operating theatre.

We wish to develop partnerships with industry to advance surgical science for translation to clinical practice. The ability to use material in the Vesalius Clinical Training Centre in this way also fulfils the wishes of our donors. 

Continual advancement and improvement in clinical practice also demands partnerships between industry, NHS, universities and patient groups. The role of the centre in enhancing these interactions, in development of ideas through to effective and safe techniques and implants, is key to providing patients with the latest and most effective treatments.

All research-based projects are approved ethically to ensure appropriate use of the material and guaranteeing that the training surgeons receive in newly developed techniques or the use of new devices is instilled with best practice.  In the first instance if you wish to discuss a research project please get in touch with

Developing for the future

The facilities at the Vesalius Clinical Training Centre are excellent and have a capacity to develop and adapt to allow additional training in clinical environment simulation. By providing an operating theatre for surgical simulation, aligned with new Department of Health initiatives for the education and training of healthcare workers, we envisage a facility aptly suited for simulated teaching from high-fidelity virtual-reality to wet labs skills training.

Courses at the Centre

Supporting a wide range of surgical skills courses designed for clinicians in various specialities, including orthopaedic, vascular and reconstructive.


The facilities at the centre are first-class and with provisions for storing up to 52 donors, the centre is the optimum space to host specialist courses.

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