Fluid and Aerodynamics

The Fluid and Aerodynamics Research Group at Bristol is led by Dr Ann Gaitonde and Dr Dorian Jones and continues the University's long history of major contributions to computational fluid dynamics and experimental aerodynamics.

The Fluid and Aerodynamics Group has secured funding for major bids and currently coordinates the €4M EU funded H2020 project, AeroGust, in addition to a thriving EC FP7 Marie Curie European Industrial Doctorate Training Network, ALPES. At present, the group leads multiple projects as PI and has an excellent track record of successful proposals.

Group members include 12+ academic staff from Aerospace, Civil and Mechanical Engineering as well as 15+ Research Associates and a large number of PhD candidates. Current research addresses topics such as:

  • Reduced Order Modelling
  • Bio-inspired fluid dynamics
  • Fluid mechanics in biology and physiology
  • Sea breeze density currents
  • Mesh deformation and mesh generation
  • Fluidised bed and granular flows
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Aero-servo-elastics
  • Load alleviation
  • Aeroelastic tailoring

The Fluid and Aerodynamics Group has contracts with major UK aerospace companies, and collaborative links with many international research institutes.

Research provides the scientific foundation upon which any technological advancement is built. By doing research I am able to lay the groundwork for the development of future technologies that will benefit the aerospace industry.

Amir Bagheri - Research Associate in Reduced Order Modelling of Aerodynamic Systems