Non-guaranteed undergraduate applicants

Students who are joining the University through clearing or as insurance students or have missed the guarantee deadline for any other reason are advised to apply as soon as they have firmly accepted their place here. We cannot guarantee you accommodation but will will do everything we can to make you an offer. In 2017, of the 290 non-guaranteed applicants who applied for accommodation, 190 students were offered a place in University-allocated accommodation.

If you would like to live in University-allocated accommodation 

Priority for places will be given to students with disabilities or health needs. After that students will be prioritised by home address, those that live furthest from Bristol will be given priority. We may offer you a temporary room or a room shared with another student for a short time. Our temporary shared rooms are mostly in The Hawthorns, Manor Hall, Wills Hall and Churchill Hall. 

We regret that we are not likely to be able to offer a space to everyone who wants one. The boxes below show you where we are likely to have spaces, so that you can make an informed choice on your application. We will not look at applications until after 21 August so please take your time and read the information on our website before you make your choices. Applications are now open, to apply please visit our apply online pages. 

Please note, to access the application for you need to have accepted your offer of study a day before or earlier. The University's student records system is updated overnight so if you have accepted your offer of study today, you will need to wait until tomorrow to make your application.

Residences with some availability

Residences with limited availability

Residences with little or no availability

If we are not able to offer you accommodation

We will send out offers from early September. Please keep an eye on your inbox and make sure we have your correct email as deadlines will be tight so that we can offer as many people as possible. If you do not want your offer please reject it online, so we can offer it to someone else. If you have not received an offer by 5 pm on September 4 you should start looking for private rented accommodation straightaway.

If you would prefer to live in private rented accommodation

The Accommodation Office can offer help with you search for private accommodation. There is lots of information about where to look and how to choose a property on our private rented pages. Students who have spaces in their flats or houses advertise rooms on the Bulletin Board.

House Search Event

If we are not able to offer all non-guaranteed applicants a place in University-allocated accommodation we will run a House Search Event to help you find accommodation in the private sector. We will be able to confirm if the event will be necessary from 2 September, when details will be on this page. 

Looking for accommodation

Student accommodation is available in the private rental sector. We provide advice on finding somewhere to live and what to look out for when renting.

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